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Artist explores ways to communicate between deaf, hearing cultures

Paint drips from her hands as Cynthia Weitzel signs the word "abstract" over a canvas using American Sign Language. She experimented with the nontraditional method, called ASL action painting, on the porch of a newly acquired house at the Anderson Center at Tower View.1 / 4
Weitzel painted Tower View on a 100-year-old piece of roof slate. The painting will be donated to the Anderson Center.2 / 4
Weitzel's "Deaf American Gothic," a work in progress, pays homage to deaf philanthropist Charles Thompson and his wife Margaret, depicted in front of the memorial hall, a deaf club established nearly a century ago. When completed, the painting will hang in the St. Paul building.3 / 4
Weitzel's paintings that recall the Holocaust are filled with motifs and symbolism which are understood by members of the deaf community -- but which also spark curiosity among hearing people.4 / 4