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Students perform "Alien Equation"

Emma, played by Briana Moynihan (left), and Marjorie, played by Emily Magnuson, excitedly talk about an upcoming school dance.1 / 3
Alien Alpha Ray (Michael Diercks) confuses student Maxine (Lexi Norvet) with his sudden appearance in her classroom.2 / 3
Sandy, played by Megan Graves (center), prepares for a trust exercise in class. The circle of trust includes (from left) Sam, played by Davis Leaf; Miss Mithers, played by Mikayla Cota; Crown Kinglsey, played by Sylvia Frazier; and Sandy, played by Tia Everett.3 / 3

The Red Wing High School will present "Alien Equation" by Annie Maccoby with Jeff Church. Students will stage the annual fall children's play at 5 p.m. Wednesday Oct. 12 and 5 and 7 p.m. Friday Oct. 14 in the Little Theatre

Tickets are $2 for adults and $1 for students; free to senior citizens annual fall children's play, "Alien Equation," by Annie Maccoby with Jeff Church.

Strange things happen in Miss Mithers' classroom when her struggling math student, Maxine, creates a "deuteron conductor." The new invention brings alien Alpha Ray to the confused classroom, and he must find a way back to his own side of the universe. Other students find their own ways to help.

The play was chosen for its fun and outlandish characters, as well as its technical effects.

"Instead of princesses this year, we have aliens that come with lighting and sound effects - all designed by our student tech crew," said director and teacher Jillynne Raymond.

"The students have some realistic aspects to their characters, but are mainly exaggerated stereotypes," she adds, "which add to the fun of acting them out and watching them."

Stacy Bengs-Silverberg

Stacy Bengs has been a photojournalist at the Red Wing Republican Eagle since 2010. She holds a bachelors degree in journalism and art from the University of Minnesota.

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