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Lexi lends a helping paw

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Editor's note: This story is part of Faces A to Z, a series highlighting familiar — and not so familiar — faces around Goodhue County. Learn more about the series and how to get involed here, and check back to the A to Z page for stories, history lessons and Q&As.

5 ½-year-old yellow lab Lexi works at Red Wing Ace Hardware, alongside her parents Troy and Lisa Daniels. We caught up with Ace's most paw-pular employee to ask her about her job and daily routine.

RE: Lexi, you've been working at Ace since you were a puppy. What is your favorite product to help customers find?

Lexi: I love helping all my friends find the popcorn. Even if I am taking a well-deserved nap, I can always hear the crinkle of the popcorn bags. I run to the back of the store to taste test the popcorn so our customers can enjoy a yummy treat while they shop.

RE: What does a typical day look like for you, Lexi?

Lexi: I wake up for a walk and breakfast, then I head to work. First things first, I check my pillow for any leftover snacks, then I help all my coworkers stock up their pockets with treats for the day. I love to go visit my friend, Cooper, at his dad's store down the street. I know exactly where Kip and Cooper keep their treats. I guess you could say I really like treats.

RE: Do you have some favorite regular customers?

Lexi: (noticeably faster tail wagging) I do, I do, I do! So many of my favorite customers come to see me and they usually bring me treats. I love to follow around all the little customers. They sure do drop a lot of popcorn. I even had a pumpkin carved of me for Halloween by one of my favorite customers, Peter. I just love greeting everyone when they come into the store.

RE: What do you like to do when you are not at work, Lexi?

Lexi: I love playing with all my toys, especially my tennis ball. My mom and dad take me on walks and hiking up those really big hills by the river. I love those long walks. Sometimes when I am at home, I pout a little bit because I miss all of my friends at work. From what my mom and dad tell, they miss me, too.