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Auditions this week for 'Wedding Singer'

Like weddings?

Now's your chance to be a part of not one, but several weddings, Sheldon Theatre Executive Director Sean Dowse said.

He is directing Phoenix Theatre's summer musical, "The Wedding Singer," which was a hit on the big screen and Broadway. It will be staged July 15-17 and 23-25 at the Sheldon.

Open auditions are being 5 to 8 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday at the Sheldon, said Heather Finholm, president of the Friends of the Sheldon Board. Phoenix is that organization's performing arm.

No appointments are necessary, she said. People will audition in the order of arrival. Finholm said anyone trying out should prepare a one-minute monologue and a one-minute song.

"We're looking for 20 to 30 people," Dowse said. "We need a good-size chorus."

The cast will include kids, he said, because there always are kids at weddings. "There are several weddings in the show."

In addition to the lead couple, the play offers "a whole bunch of good supporting roles," Dowse said.

"The Wedding Singer" is a romantic comedy set in the 1980s.

The male lead, Robbie Hart, is a vocalist whose rock band just won't get off the ground. According to the movie synopsis, "He makes a living playing wedding receptions, where his easy charm and ability to schmooze brings him a steady income."

Robbie meets Julia Sullivan when she's working as a waitress at one of his wedding gigs; he immediately takes a shine to her, but since he's engaged, he keeps his distance. She's engaged, too, to "an obnoxious, self-obsessed yuppie who is chronically unfaithful to her."

When Robbie gets stood up at the altar, it's a crushing blow to his ego, and he moves from working weddings to bar mitzvahs to avoid the humiliating issue of matrimony. He considers giving up on music altogether.

But he realizes that he loves Julia and must stop her from marrying the guy and ruining her life.

"It's great fun," Dowse said, with 1980s style music and wedding fun. Among songs are "It's Your Wedding Day," "Come Out of the Dumpster," "Someday" and "Today You Are a Man."

For more information, contact the Sheldon at (651) 388-8700.