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LETTER: Students need longer lunch period

To the Editor:

Being in the Red Wing High School for almost four years now has made me realize how

limited our freedom is on unnecessary things.

An example that interests me most is that we are not allowed to leave for lunch. We

have three lunches, A, B and C. and each lunch is 25 minutes long. It feels rushed and it is hard to enjoy and relax. When you get to lunch you have to get in line to get your food which takes up to 10 minutes, if not more. That's only 10 minutes to eat then. I’m writing this applying it to the upperclassmen, there for, if you can drive and are old enough to have to pay for your own lunch, you should be able to leave during your only free time in the school day, your lunch period.

There are many ways that our lunch system could be set up differently to solve this problem, separating our lunches by grades could be one of them.

Having freedom of leaving also comes with the responsibility of coming back on time. If you do not follow that rule, then you shouldn't be allowed to leave.

Kayla Nepstad

Red Wing

Kayla Nepstad attends Red Wing High School. She wrote this letter to the editor as part of an English class.