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LETTER: Twin Bluff roundabout would cause problems

To the Editor:

In Red Wing there are some very busy intersections and streets. By Twin Bluff Middle School, they are planning to put a roundabout where the intersection is. It is unnecessary to put it in that location.

First, it will affect the flow of traffic. There will be more traffic because you may have to wait a long time for the cars to pass. If there is a constant flow of cars in the roundabout, cars would be waiting forever.

Second, semi trucks would have a very difficult time getting around the roundabout. This may cause even more accidents than there was before. Semi’s would also cause a traffic congestion. It would take forever for the semi to get through the roundabout without damaging anything.

Third, there shouldn't be a roundabout because emergency vehicles would have trouble driving fast through the roundabout. If there is a lot of traffic, they would have to wait. For example, after school, the roundabout would be filled with traffic.

Cameron DeLainRed Wing

Cameron DeLain attends Red Wing High School.  He wrote this letter to the editor as part of an English class.