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Letter: Parents or Coaches?

To the Editor:

Putting your children into sports is a big deal these days, but is it really so special if your child doesn’t even play?

More often than not we are dealing with a team that is ran by parents rather than coaches. From the outside perspective it just looks like these kids are having fun, but inside these kids are looking down a long road of hard work and a never ending passion just to become a more noticeable player.

If you want to coach and also have a child in the sport you are wishing to coach for, feel free to do so. Being involved is a great thing! Encouraging kids to get out and be active is creating the role model that you could become.

Parents who coach become biased toward their kids and kid’s friends.

Ellynn Braunreiter

Red Wing

Ellynn Braunreiter attends Red Wing High School. She wrote this letter to the editor as part of an English class.