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Letter: Roundabout was a mistake

To the Editor: 

The roundabout that has been built down by Baypoint Park and the boat houses is unnecessary.

First, a roundabout costs a lot of money to build and put in. The money that they use could go to better things like the schools or other Red Wing programs that need more money. If schools use that money they could buy more things for classrooms that make it a better learning environment.

Second, since the roundabout is down by the train tracks, big trucks and semis might need to get down there. With the roundabout, these trucks won’t be able to go around very fast. Cars will have to wait for these trucks and semis to go around it so it will cause even more traffic.

Lastly, the old intersection is much more efficient and fast. If it is busy, some people could end up waiting for five minutes if not longer just trying to get into the roundabout. If there are stop signs, cars will be able to take turns and there won’t be people waiting for an open spot.

Payton Anderson

Red Wing

Peyton Anderson attends Red Wing High School. She wrote this letter to the editor as part of an English class.