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LETTER: Vote Schmit out


To the Editor: 

Sen. Matt Schmit loves to tax hard-working Minnesotans.

In 2013 he voted for a sales tax placed on farm equipment and repair labor. Several farm groups, such as the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association, Minnesota Corn Growers Association, Farm Bureau and Farmers Union, pushed for a repeal of this 2013 sales tax placed on farmers.

Didn’t Matt care a large share of his Senate district is comprised of farmers?

Why would he hurt farmers by making it more difficult for them to earn a living?

It gets worse. “Metro Matt” also voted for a tax added to warehouse and storage services. This bill would have devastated local companies. Didn’t Matt care about the hard working families of Red Wing?

This election, voters need to send Schmit a message. You taxed our local businesses and now you’re fired.

Teresa Whitson

Red Wing