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LETTER: Schmit stands out for his commitment

To the Editor:

The recent League of Women Voters forum offered area voters a great opportunity to compare and contrast legislative candidates on a variety of issues. Clear differences were evident, and we’d like to compliment the performance of our state senator, Matt Schmit.

We’ve known Matt and his family for over 30 years. His commitment to our community, grasp of the issues and passion for making a difference are impossible to miss. Over the past four years, Matt has represented our area admirably. As noted in his introductory remarks, Matt ran for the best possible reason: to serve. He knew he had something to offer our state and our community.

And we’re better for it.

After a period of recurring state budget strife and two government shutdowns, Matt ran to “make Minnesota work again.” He promised to promote honest budgeting, to repay funding owed to Minnesota schools and invest in education and to contribute to a more productive dynamic in St. Paul.

Four years later, the results speak for themselves: an honestly balanced state budget; a repaid school funding “shift”; and essential new resources for our schools, including Red Wing’s innovative education partnership, Every Hand Joined. Importantly, we have had no high-stakes budget showdowns or talk of state government shutdowns.

Sen. Schmit’s pragmatic approach to problem-solving gives us hope that he can help push for real results in important discussions on infrastructure investment and health care affordability. Matt said these two issues would be his top priorities next session. Given his first-term performance, we’re looking forward to seeing what he can do for this community in his second.

If you’re not convinced, see for yourself: the forum is replaying on Channel 6 or can be viewed on the web, with links available on the city website or at

Steve & Marilyn Nelson

Red Wing