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Letter: Dowse brings leadership qualities to race

To the Editor:

Many of us know and respect our leaders from the vantage point of outside looking in; from a desk in a teacher’s classroom, on a worksite with an employer or by listening to a state of the union address. Some of us have also seen the many theater productions crafted by Sean Dowse from the comfort of the Sheldon’s main floor and marveled at their creativity.

In the past few years, I have had the privilege of being involved in the backstage workings of these plays and have seen the whole process from A to Z. With his incredible attention to detail, Sean plans and organizes scene after scene, bringing out the very best in each character.

I am confident he would bring the same qualities to the leadership of Red Wing. Whether balancing a budget, creating new opportunities or managing the community of Red Wing, his dedication and leadership skills will serve us well.

Gretchen Anderson

Red Wing