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Letter: Community is district’s greatest strength

To the Editor:

On behalf of everyone at Red Wing Public Schools, thank you for your support in passing the school referendum this past Tuesday.

Community engagement was the deciding factor for this referendum. Dozens of community members participated in the decision-making process, School Board members solicited community input, hundreds considered information during conversations and presentations, and several key individuals advocated for passage of the question.

The information campaign was particularly enjoyable for me because I was able to meet with so many people who obviously care about our students and community regardless of their opinion about the referendum. We plan to continue dialogue with the community. If you would like to discuss any school-related issue or simply talk about the school district, please contact me at or 651-385-4502.

Our school district’s greatest strength is the community we serve. Red Wing is blessed with talented people, multiple perspectives, and a constant drive to question and evolve. When we work together, this community does amazing things.

Karsten Anderson

Red Wing

Karsten Anderson is superintendent of Red Wing Public Schools.