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Letter: Kelly relates well, has energy

To the Editor:

I met Marty Kelly several years ago when I helped coach Red Wing Youth Football. Marty and his brothers have served this community for several years as mentors and coaches for our children.

I found that Marty had a way about him that the kids could relate to and respect. He brought the team together very quickly and they had fun doing it.

I believe that Marty is able to interact with people the way we would expect from our sheriff. He is straightforward and easy to talk to. Having the energy to work two jobs and again coach football this fall, tells me that Marty Kelly with have more than enough energy to bring the sheriff's department together as a team.

I look forward to the opportunity to vote for Marty Kelly this fall. He will bring honesty, integrity and leadership to the sheriffs department.

Jeff Hill's letter to the editor (R-E, Sept. 22) hit the nail on the head when he wrote "Game on Boys" for Marty's pre-work words to his crew. This is the kind of enthusiasm we need to make a positive change for the sheriff's department.

Pat Turcotte

Red Wing