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Betcher is most qualified for job

To the Editor:

I grew up in Goodhue County, where I still reside with my husband and children and am a paralegal. We need to pay close attention to Goodhue County attorney's race. Challenger Victoria Mucha has a disturbing lack of experience and, in my opinion, has exaggerated that experience. According to the Minnesota Courts website, Betcher has been licensed to practice law in Minnesota since Oct. 15, 1982. In contrast, Mucha has only been licensed to practice law since May 8, 2009. It looks to me that Ms. Mucha is unemployed, like so many other recent law school graduates, and is running for county attorney without earning her stripes, so to speak, which would qualify her for such an important job. In contrast, Betcher has a proven track record and needn't exaggerate his accomplishments. He has prosecuted just about every crime and has done a wonderful job; he's passionate about his position and its responsibilities. Steve knows our local law enforcement, fire department, private practice attorneys, public defenders and judges and has earned the respect of all of them. I ask Ms. Mucha to prove the experience she claims to have that would make her qualified to protect my family and our community. If you were interviewing for the position of Goodhue County Attorney, which would you hire to keep your kids, loved ones, friends and the entire community safe? I think the choice is obvious: Steve Betcher. Not only is he more qualified, he is now doing, and always has done, an excellent job in his position as county attorney. Amy DeWall Red Wing