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Letter: Betcher committed to the public

To the Editor:

Steve Betcher, our current Goodhue County attorney, deserves to be re-elected. He is extremely well-qualified for the position, and has been doing a good job for us.

The duties of the county attorney are important ones. Steve prosecutes murder suspects, felonies and misdemeanors. He coordinates with law enforcement officers in all Goodhue County communities to bring sex offenders, drug dealers, burglars and drunk drivers to justice, keeping our communities safe. Also, as supervisor of eight attorneys and seven support staff, he is the administrator of his office's $1.4 million annual budget.

Steve is committed to maintaining public safety, open responsive government, fiscal responsibility, and ongoing innovation in government.

A lifelong county resident, Steve Betcher knows us and we know him. And we know we're lucky to have him working for us in Goodhue County. That's why we should all vote to keep Steve Betcher as our county attorney. Vote Betcher on Nov. 2.

Eleanor Griffin

Red Wing