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Lion magazine honors 'Spectacles'

Red Wing Mayor Sean Dowse (left) accepts the "Spectacles" sculpture from Lions Club members Todd Otteson (center) and Paul Drotos on June 25, 2017. Ruth Nerhaugen/Contributor1 / 2
Jason Neufeldt of Neufeldt Welding and Fabrication manufactured the giant eyeglass sculpture that as of June 2017 adorns Colvill Park. Photo by Paul Drotos2 / 2

Lions Club International is 100 years old this year, and this far-sighted organization challenged all of its clubs (20,000 in America alone) to do something important in their communities to celebrate. The rules were simple: Do something to raise the community visibility of Lions, provide a community gift and make an impact on the community.

The results are in: The Red Wing Lions Giant Eyeglasses Sculpture titled "Spectacles" was recognized in the Lion magazine as the centerpiece of all the Lions' legacy projects in America. A page and a half picture with an article in the National Lions Magazine leaves no doubt about what Lions were looking for in this project.

This metal masterpiece by local metal sculptor Justin Neufeldt has captured the imagination of Lions everywhere because it signifies how important vision is to everybody.

While there is no doubt that the 300,000 pairs of eyeglasses collected by Wisconsin Lions to serve the vision needy is what Lions is all about, the Red Wing Lions Club also collected 30,200 pairs of eyeglasses with a lot of help from other clubs and our Red Wing Schools. It is a triumph of our community that the symbol of that kind of service now resides in Red Wing.

If you have not yet seen steely eyeglasses monument to service, go on down to Colvill Park and see what every Lion in America got a glimpse of in a magazine ... except, in Red Wing, you can see it for what it is: the pride of a 70 year-old Lions Club!