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Pepin photographer unveils new work at Abode

Pepin photographer Midge Bolt layers images of the past and present. This image of the Stockholm bluffs overlooking Lake Pepin, created from photos taken in 1915 and 2017, will be on display at Abode Gallery in Stockholm from July 7 through Sept. 1. Photo courtesy of Abode Gallery & Design Studio

When Pepin photographer Midge Bolt looks through her camera's lens, she sees more than what's in front of her. She sees into the past.

Bolt's lifelong fascination with historic images led her to develop a unique process in which she layers an old photograph in front of a present-day image of the same scene. She will display her trademarked "Time&Again" pictures of the Lake Pepin area in a new exhibit at Abode Gallery in Stockholm, with an opening reception from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Friday, July 7.

"Since childhood, I've looked at places and wondered what they were like in the past," Bolt said. "I've always loved and collected old photos. I like to imagine what life was like when the photos were taken."

Bolt's "Time&Again" exhibit will be at Abode Gallery July 7 through Sept. 1. During the Stockholm Art Fair on Saturday, July 15, Bolt will demonstrate her layering process at Abode.

Bolt's show is the second of three solo gallery shows at Abode in 2017. The first show, by Stockholm sculptor Stanton Sears, will be on display until June 30. The final show, by photographer/painter Joseph Messicci, opens Sept. 8.

Opening receptions for each artist are free and open to the public.