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July residents at Tower View include Austrian

Three fellowship recipients — a visual artist from Austria and two writers from Minneapolis — will be among eight resident artists at the Anderson Center during July.

Stefan Kreiger

Mixed media artist

A native and current resident of Salzburg, Austria, Stefan Kreiger was awarded a city of Salzburg artist exchange fellowship to spend the month in Red Wing. He graduated from the University of Mozarteum there, and has been a lecturer, a technical assistant and an artist in residence.

Kreiger's works, primarily in oils and acrylics, have been exhibited widely in that region. According to his website he is focusing on the pop-cultural heroic worship — superheroes and anti-heroes — and its visual language, combining strong dark/light contrasts and graphic elements.

Community service: Summer Celebration of the Arts open studio and Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Kathryn Maxwell


Kathryn Maxwell from Tempe, Ariz., will spend the month creating a series of works on paper that delve into scientific theory regarding humankind's connection to the universe. She plans to arrive with laser-cut wood blocks and stencils and maps, and to create additional blocks while in residence. They will be combined to create specific content.

Maxwell was educated at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and at Northwestern University in Illinois; she is a professor of printmaking at Arizona State University. Her work has been exhibited internationally, and she has been awarded residencies to several states plus China, Greece, Scotland and Belgium.

Community service: Minnesota Center for Book Arts Co-Op

Tim Bascom

Fiction writer

The author of four published books, Tim Bascom of Forest City, Iowa, will spend July working on a book-length collection of autobiographical stories with the working title "Let Me Show You How It's Done: Mostly True Stories about Fathers and Sons."

Bascom has degrees in English and nonfiction writing. He has been an assistant professor at Waldorf University since 2013.

The recipient of numerous writing awards, he has two memoirs, a collection of essays and a novel in print, in addition to poems, individual essays, stories for all ages, commentary and criticism.

Community service: Minnesota Correctional Facility-Red Wing

Heather Knox


A new mother and stepmother, Heather Knox will devote her residency to working on her second collection of poetry, including works focusing on her transition to motherhood. Her initial collection is titled "Dowry Meat," and she also has published a young adult fiction series, "Vampire Wars."

Knox, who lives in Eau Claire, Wis., studied at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop. She teaches university level online classes and also is a mentor and teacher for Poetry Barn.

Community service: Young adult workshop at Fair Trade Books

Jonathan Damery

Jonathon Atkinson


Minneapolis residents and graduate students Jonathan Damery and Jonathon Atkinson received Gesell Writing Fellowships from the University of Minnesota's Program in Creative Writing to encourage their literary growth. Each will be in residence for two weeks.

Damery is working on his debut nonfiction project, "Plainlands," which explores the cultural history of the tallgrass prairie. Only remnants of the unplowed land exist today. The book also delves into the conception of this region as a cultural space of shrinking small towns and barren agricultural vistas.

Atkinson studied English and philosophy before pursuing his master's in creative writing/fiction at the U of M. He is working on a novel that is concerned with the natural environment and, more specifically, with climate change.

Community service: Minnesota Correctional Facility-Red Wing

Danit Brown

Fiction writer

A resident of Ann Arbor, Mich., fiction writer Danit Brown hopes to complete a draft of her novel in progress during a two-week residency here. She previously wrote short stories. The book, "How to Stay," is about two women friends who are dealing with issues related to marriage and motherhood.

Brown studied in Ohio, New York, Indiana and Israel, and currently is an associate professor of English at Albion College. She has had one collection of stories and numerous short fiction works published.

Community service: Summer Celebration of the Arts

Lily Padilla


LaJolla, Calif., resident Lily Padilla is a playwright, performer and producer, and an instructor at the University of California San Diego. Her writing credits include three full-length plays and several one-acts and short plays.

A Latina-Asian woman, Padilla explores in her writing how women are shaped by where they're from and what they look like. Her work-in-progress is a coming of age story about two women who enroll in a self-defense class after a series of campus rapes. She hopes it will open a dialogue about sexual violence.

Community service: SparkZ! Summer Adventure Camp