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The Pines' tour takes them to Lake City

Lake City welcomes atmospheric folk rockers The Pines, Saturday, Jan. 21, at the Oak Center General Store. The group is currently touring for their acclaimed release "Above the Prairie."

The Pines yield lush, layered sounds with vivid, imagistic lyrics and a filmmaker's eye for detail and framing.

Their songs are inspired by the Midwest. They explore the vast expanses around and above them, finding beauty in the isolated towns and farms that dot the landscape and the array of stars that fill the night sky. The core band features songwriters David Huckfelt and Benson Ramsey with keyboardist Alex Ramsey.

Surreal and sublime, they combine acoustic instruments against atmospheric keyboard backgrounds.

Rolling Stone's David Fricke has called the band "quietly gripping."

"Above the Prairie" is also a celebration of the community and history that gave birth to it. With the song "Here," the band is joined by Iowa friends and family, including Greg Brown, Iris DeMent, Pieta Brown and Ramsey patriarch Bo Ramsey, who co-produced the limited-play with The Pines. The album closes with "Time Dreams," a collaboration with the late American-Indian activist and poet John Trudell. More about The Pines at