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Secrets unfold in 'The O'Conner' Girls'

Soapbox Players will present "The O'Conner Girls," a Minnesota story by Katie Forgette, to the Hobgoblin stage two separate weekends.

Tom O'Conner has passed away after a long illness and his wife, Sarah, and children, Liz, Martha and Matt have come together to sort through his personal effects. As the family looks through boxes of papers and bags of clothing, secrets emerge that prompt heated arguments and interesting revelations. The story of the parents' marriage unfolds and the children are forced to take a closer look at the parents they thought they knew.

Catholicism, World War II, old movies, old love, new love, oversleeping, overdrinking, large purple hats and hot dishes all come together as part of this Minnesota family's dynamic. While all of this is going on, a boy from the sisters' past shows up.

"'The O'Conner Girls' will touch a lot of folks, particularly those of us who have lost our parents," Director Julie Martin said. "It is a poignant story that has a lot of truth in it There hasn't been a rehearsal yet when one of the cast didn't compare one of these fictional people to a real someone in their family."

Marcy Watzl plays the prodigal daughter Liz returning home for the funeral.

"'The O'Conner Girls' is a touching story about familial relationships between women and it tackles some serious topics, but it also has a witty, dry sense of humor. It's a nice, feel-good show for the holidays," she said.

The cast also includes Sara Hoffman, Helene Olson-Reed, Anna Ostendorf and Jake Ostendorf. Min MartinOakes is the costume designer, and David Oakes is the lighting and sound designer and operator.

All tickets are $9.99 and are sold at the door. There are no presales, so arrive a few minutes before show time to guarantee a seat.

Soapbox Players was established in 2004; its mission statement reads: Soapbox Players offers sometimes juicy, always thought provoking, financially accommodating old and new works of live theater that will keep you on the edge of your seat and in front of your mind.

If you go …

Who: Soapbox Players

What: “The O'Conner Girls”

When: 7:30 p.m. Dec. 1-3 and 9-10

Where: Hobgoblin Music Loft, 920 Highway 19, Red Wing

Cost: $9.99