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Aerie: Of Red Wing and ruby slippers

Red Wing High School Newspaper

By Emma Cory & Riley Cory

Aerie writers

L. Frank Baum’s timeless classic has come to Red Wing High School. This fall, the talents of the high school will bring “The Wizard of Oz” to life in the Little Theater. Performances are 5:30 p.m. today, Thursday and Friday.

When Dorothy (Hannah Coyle) comes into the Land of Oz, only one thing is certain: she’s got to find a way back home to Kansas. A funny and fast-paced journey down the yellow brick road ensues as Dorothy and her new friends, the Scarecrow (Mathias Grove), the Tin Man (Graham Wheeler-Nelson) and the Cowardly Lion (Justin Scheerer) travel to the Emerald City to meet Oz, the Great and Powerful (Jessica Scheerer).

When Oz demands a steep price for sending Dorothy home, a perilous new adventure begins.

“It’s been great fun working with a group of incredibly talented young people. I’ve enjoyed working with them as they brought the characters of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ to life,” said director Sean Dowse, who has worked with the thespians of Red Wing on musicals and plays alike, on stages big and small.

“There’s always something special when visiting the Little Theater. Not only does the audience receive great entertainment, the cast and crew get to share their hard work, their passions and the enjoyment of being a community,” Dowse said.

The fall play is a wonderful experience for newcomers and oldcomers alike.

“Even if you don’t want to go into theatre as a career, the fall play has something for you,” Wheeler-Nelson said.

“It’s a great way to express your passion for the theater but also to have a whole bunch of fun with your best friends,” Coyle said.

This year’s fall show has something for everyone. The story and the people who present it are full of talent, heart, brains and courage and will be sure to make the audience feel right at home.

If you go...

What: Red Wing High School present Erin Detrick’s adaptation of “The Wizard of Oz” 

Where: RWHS Little Theatre, 2451 Eagle Drive

When: Oct. 12-14, 5:30 p.m.

Cost: $2 adults, $1 students or nonperishable contribution to the food shelf

More info:

The cast:

Dorothy: Hannah Coyle

Toto: Amelia Reinitz

Witch of the North: Emma Kronbeck

Munchkins: Erin Jezierski, Jack Kreye, Kenna Sorenson, Chloe Wilkinson, Sophia Moore, Alison Metzen

Farmers: Riley Cory, Dan Rolen

Corn Maddie Groh, Justin Scheerer,

Crows: Yesenia Sanchez, Tessa Heineman, David Scheerer

Scarecrow: Mathias Grove

Trees: Erin Jezierski, Sophia Moore, Jack Kreye, Riley Cory, Emma Kronbeck, Alison Metzen

Tin Woodsman: Graham Wheeler-Nelson

Lion: Justin Scheerer

Kalidahs: Sophia Moore, Alison Metzen,

Flowers: Riley Cory, Erin Jezierski, Jack Kreye, Dan Rolen, David Scheerer, Chloe Wilkinson, Sophia Moore, Maddie Groh, Emma Kronbeck, Alison Metzen

Guardians of the Gates: Yesenia Sanchez, Tessa Heineman

Soldier: Emma Kronbeck

Ladies and Gentlemen of the court: Alison Metzen, Sophia Moore, Jack Kreye, Chloe Wilkinson

Oz: Jessica Scheerer, Maddie Groh, ensemble

Wicked Witch of the West: Maddie Groh

Winkies: Riley Cory, Sophia Moore, Dan Rolen, Kenna Sorenson, Chole Wilkinson, Tessa Heineman, Erin Jezierski, Yesenia Sanchez

Winged Monkey King: David Scheerer

Winged Monkeys: Erin Jezierski, Alison Metzen, Amelia Reinitz, Tessa Heineman, Jack Kreye, Emma Kronbeck, Maddie Groh

Glinda: Erin Jezierski

Director: Sean Dowse

Technical Director : Jeff Chalmers

Costumes: Dace Miller, Emma Lundgren

Stage Manager: Kassidy Sutherland

Assistant Stage Managers: Andre Ziemer, Alainn Hanson

Lights and Sound: Calvin Harper, Jacob Angell

Crew: Lexie Christiansen, Bryce Miller