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Shifting sands will carry art away

Michael Augustin, sand painting artist, goes into minute detail creating each work of art. His exhibit at the Depot Gallery closes at 2 p.m. May 5 with a intermingling of the sand.

Red Wing Arts Association announces the extension of Michael Augustin's exhibit an additional week. "Sand Painting: Contemporary Perspective on an Ancient Tradition" will be on display at Red Wing Depot Gallery through Sunday May 5.

"Visitors have remarked that the show is amazing, beautiful and impressive," said Dan Guida, Red Wing Arts Association executive director. "We want more people to have the opportunity to view Michael's work."

Because the show is so full of meaning and symbolism, Guida said, a closing ceremony will be held at 2 p.m. May 5. This will allow attendees to learn more from Augustin about the sand paintings.

During an artist talk he will share the story behind sand painting in general and these paintings in particular. He will also read an excerpt from his desert journal, "Translations from an Arid Land."

After the talk, the paintings will be taken up from the floor. The muslin cloth is lifted to allow the sand to intermingle. The sand is then returned to containers for recycling back to the earth.

"For many attending this may be the most moving part of the ceremony," Augustin said.

The first 45 people at the closing ceremony will be given a 1-ounce clear glass bottle and cork. As the sand is gathered, they may fill theit bottle with sand used in the exhibit as a remembrance of this unique show, Guida said.