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We have 180 days

I attended the public hearing/commissioners board meeting Tuesday. I hadn't realized until that morning that it was the actual day of decision on whether to extend the moratorium, but had thought that it was simply to be a chance for Goodhue Xounty residents to voice their opinions and learn more about the possibility of silica sand mining in southeastern Minnesota.

Commissioners passed the expiring of the mining moratorium 3-2, but then made a motion to extend the moratorium another 180 days.

It reminded me of the salesmen who come to my door telling me the bargain only lasts for this very day.

However, with the motion to extend, we all have an opportunity to give our opinions/thoughts to the commissioners and, to do that, we'll have to give ourselves a tutorial on silica sand, fracking processes and results of that way of recovering our resources from our earth.

Right now, I feel many Goodhue County residents feel threatened by the perceived "big oil" strength and are feeling a bit defeated. From personal experience in Red Wing the past 41 years, I know institutions and principalities can be persuaded by virtue of perseverance. Searching for the best answer, institutions and principalities can be changed or amended.

We gotta get going! Several have already, and Tuesday there were lots of us there who didn't see at all the value of silica sand mining. We will have to hear from those who think it's a good idea in Goodhue County.

Emily Burt