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Support Red Wing Pier 55 senior center

I am writing to support the Red Wing Area Seniors and the new Pier 55 Senior Center. Red Wing’s greatest asset is its people, and many of those people are now age 55 or older. Soon the seniors in Red Wing will reach 40 percent of the total population.

I think most seniors in our community will agree with my observation: Reaching the classification of “senior” is not a surprise, the surprise is getting there while being so young. We have much to offer — energy, enthusiasm, education, and experience.

Red Wing seniors have and will continue to be a driving force in moving the community ahead.

In order to prepare for the increased aging population, Red Wing Area Seniors has researched the needs and interests of those who will be retiring in the coming decade. The group recognizes the need to adjust the approach to delivering services to this growing sector. The new facility, Pier 55, will be a hub that connects people to community services and resources that will enable our community to live well and age well.

Red Wing Area Seniors is not working in isolation to accomplish its goals. The organization has built an extensive collaborative network with the Mayo Clinic Health System, Minnesota State College-Southeast Technical, the YMCA, Red Wing School District and others. These connections make it possible to offer more information and educational programs as well as promote healthy life styles.

Pier 55 at Pottery Place Annex promises lots of potential for the Red Wing Seniors’ current plans and future possibilities. Its flexible configuration and shared use with the Red Wing Collectors Foundation will be of great value for the entire community.

Please join me in support of the Red Wing Area Seniors and their exciting future.

Dan Bender

Red Wing

Mayor (and senior)