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See what art students can do

To the Editor:

March is Youth Art Month and a fitting time to draw attention to the talented young artists that we have in Red Wing. Our artists are not only excelling in their classes at the schools, but are contributing, through art, to their community as well.

At Red Wing High School, we’ve had students volunteering with youth classes at ArtReach, and creating artwork for various community businesses, organizations and events. Our students are proud to share their time and talents with their neighbors and they really do realize how important the arts are to building community.

On March 1, the Red Wing Arts Association hosted a gallery opening for the Annual Area School Student Art Show, which will be exhibited in the Marjorie Gray Vogel Gallery during the month.

This day is always a wonderful one for the local student artists whose work has been selected to hang in this show. It’s an opportunity for recognition for hard work and creativity. It’s a chance to share a piece of themselves with their community.

The work is quite inspiring and gives amazing insight into the minds of our youths and therefore a peek at our future. I encourage you to stop down to the Depot to check out this artwork sometime during the month.

Works on display are done by students in kindergarten through senior high and from Red Wing, Ellsworth, Lake City and Goodhue.

Along with this show, artwork by illustrator Scott Spinks is on display. This is a great exhibit to take your children to, as it’s full of colorful and animated illustrations and cartoons, all displayed at a kid-friendly height.

If you have children, grandchildren or young friends, take them along and enjoy the opportunity to ask some questions and have some fun art-related discussions. Talk about the subject matter, the color, how it makes you feel or make up stories to go with the images.

It’s important for children to see the connection between arts in the schools, and arts at home and in the community.

Lastly, if you know a student who exhibited work, please take time to recognize their success.

Kristin Bray

Red Wing

Kristin Bray teaches art at Red Wing High School.