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Twin Bluff Middle School Geography Bee was held yesterday January 9. Winners from left: Peter Mitchell - 3rd Place, Tom Nemanich - 2nd Place, and Jonah Leise - 1st Place. Leise will now attempt to advance to the Minnesota State Geography Bee on April 4, by taking a written qualifying test. The state champion will advance to the National Geography Bee in Washington, D.C. May 19-21. 1 / 3
This sidewalk was being cleaned up last weekend before this last blast of cold air. Photo by Bill Kirk2 / 3
Jupiter on Sunday, was its closest point to us all year. It also appears larger in the sky - appearing as approximately 1/50 the size of the full moon in the sky, although it still looks like a bright star. Left to right, and bottom to top --Europa, Io, JUPITER, Ganymede and Callisto. FYI, Jupter is the bright "star" that rises in the East/Northeast shortly after sunset. As the night goes on it climbs higher in the sky. Photo by Gary Johnson3 / 3