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A monthly mix of everything

April leaves with its well-known rain showers. (Republican Eagle photos by Amanda Greenwood)1 / 2
Annuals start to sprout their reminder that May flowers are sure to follow April’s showers. 2 / 2

April seemed confused as to what “vortex” it should join, offering snow, wind, rain and pollen during its 30-day stint.

The first week of the month followed on the coattails of this winter’s polar vortex popularity, dumping about six inches from April 3 and 4, according to the National Weather Service. A rare instance of “thunder snow” caused a loud crash that Thursday evening in Red Wing.

On April 6, a high of 63 degrees melted away almost all of the spring snow, following some of the lowest temperatures of the month.

Following the snowy debut, April produced wind gusts and temperatures stayed above double-digits, ranging from 16 to 38 miles per hour.

Easter Sunday, April 20, felt more like spring with 71 degrees recorded, more than a dozen degrees higher than the average and the hottest day of the month. Wind gusts were up to 28 miles per hour that day as well.

April 23-28 brought the bulk of the April rain showers with more than an inch and a half accumulated, according to National Weather Service data.

Symptoms of the “pollen vortex” also made its way through Red Wing. Due to the harshly cold winter, the tree pollen, grass pollen and mold seasons are predicted to overlap.

The Weather Channel website listed several pollen alerts for the area on their interactive pollen calendar throughout the month. April 21-23 were listed as “very high” pollen level days with the rest of the weekly alerts showing “moderate” to “high” warnings.

Better baseball weather ahead?

The Minnesota Twins season opener began with clear skies above despite a rainy morning on Monday April 7. Attendance lows have already been recorded at Target Field this year, according to ESPN, perhaps due, in part, to the month’s unpredictable weather.

Thursday May 1, the Twins host the Los Angeles Dodgers for the final game of the series followed by three more at home versus the Baltimore Orioles, May 2-4. Rain is in the forecast for each upcoming game day.

April by the numbers

High: 71 degrees on April 20

Low: 21 degrees on April 1

Average daily high: 49 degrees

Average daily low: 32.13 degrees

Precipitation: 4.79 inches of rain

Source: U.S. Lock & Dam No. 3, Red Wing Waste Water Treatment Plant