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MnDOT seeks feedback on bicycle plan

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is looking for feedback from the public and local governments on Minnesota’s statewide bicycle system plan. Online participation in the discussion is available at

Participants will be asked to provide feedback on topics including:

•Where are the MnDOT roads that could improve the local bike network?

•Where are the places riders want to bike long distance?

•Where do people feel comfortable biking?

•With limited funding, how do we prioritize projects?

The public also may submit written comments on the project website, email or send mail to Greta Alquist, MnDOT Office of Transit MS 315, 395 John Ireland Blvd., St. Paul, MN, 55155.

“Minnesota is often recognized as one of the top bicycle-friendly states in the country, and the best way to continue improving is to learn from constituents who use the highways, bike lanes and shoulders to bike,” said Tim Mitchell, MnDOT bicycle and pedestrian coordinator.

MnDOT also is holding nine public meetings on the issue, including in Rochester on May 13 and in St. Paul May 14.

Visit for more information on the project.