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Letter: You won't regret voting for Fossen

To the Editor:

Keith Fossen and I were married nearly 25 years ago after dating for seven weeks. I have never regretted my decision. So, I'd like to tell you why a vote for Keith Fossen as commissioner of the Fourth District is a vote you won’t regret.

Keith started working in his dad's auto body business when he was a kid. He spent summers working his uncle’s farm. As a result, Keith learned a strong work ethic at a very early age.

In his 30s, he found a second career in manufacturing. Keith became the guy who would go into a factory after an acquisition to align the new organization with the parent company. He taught management how to improve quality, customer satisfaction and the bottom line. He became known as the “turn-around guy.”

In 2005, we took over NTI, a college that specialized in engineering and architectural design. I worked for my husband. Within five years, NTI had some of the highest graduation and employment rates in the state.

In 2011, Keith became entrenched in the silica sand controversy. He helped write Hay Creek Township’s mining ordinance. He became a township supervisor. He spent weeks testifying at the state Capitol. He helped broker a compromise on the county ordinance passed in December. He was appointed to the Minnesota EQB citizen's advisory panel to help make rules for industrial silica mining.

In 2012, after the sale of NTI, we created AMKE to invest in innovative business start-ups. He is now chief operating officer of one of these firms, Peppermint Energy, a firm specializing in portable solar energy options. He is also a board member with Red Wing Ignite, a non-profit dedicated to helping businesses grow.

Keith’s more than 20 years as a business turn-around guy taught him how to work with employees, customers and governments to get results. It taught him how to dissect financials to eliminate waste and help businesses thrive. He believes our county can thrive, if we put citizen interests first, invest in sustainable development, and stop wasteful spending that drives endless tax increases.

Please vote Aug. 12.

Amy Nelson

Red Wing