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Letter: You can give voice to the people: Vote

To the Editor:

Six years ago a group of Ellsworth School District residents attended a presentation by the School Board to learn about a referendum: $2 million bond proposal and a property tax override. At the end of the presentation, three questions were asked:

1. What is the district's current bond debt? ($11.6 million)

2. When was the district last out of debt? (1993)

3. Date scheduled to be debt free? (2023).

Afterwards, people met to discuss why our elected representatives chose not to fulfill their responsibility by offering the voters these vital facts. Conclusion: The elected were serving minority, professional, special interests - not their constituents. Nor were they fulfilling either the intent or the spirit of our Constitution. (It is the responsibility of the elected to give voters all the critical information - including choices - necessary to make an informed decision on major issue(s). Voters are to make the final decision - not the elected.)

In response, the Concern Citizen Group was formed in 2007. The majority of which are veterans. All veterans take the oath to defend our Constitution. We never rescinded the oath - that many gave their last full measure in order to preserve freedom of the many - not just the few.

CCG representatives have attended over 80 percent of the board's monthly meetings. Note: The CCG has made three formal requests to the board to discuss its governing processes. All were declined without explanation.

Forthcoming, we will focus on the board's governing processes so you may evaluate their performance.

"Don't doubt for a minute that a small, committed group of citizens can change the world. Indeed - it is the only thing that has." Margaret Mead, U.S. anthropologist (1901-78)

Exercise your freedom! Inform yourself. Participate in Democracy. Vote.

Nick Even

Bay City

Ed Holdorf


EDITOR'S NOTE: Nick Even and Ed Holdorf of the Concerned Citizen Group prepared this letter in advance of the Feb. 18 election and before Ed Holdorf's unexpected death Jan 12.