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Letter: We're shooting birds that eat deer ticks

To the Editor:

A few friends and I went to friend's farm in the bluffs by Red Wing and Maiden Rock. The grass was short and matted. We did short walks (i.e. two to three blocks) on established trails. As a precaution, I sprayed Ultrathon (3-M "best" DEET spray) on shoes, socks, pants.  

That evening I removed seven ticks from my pant legs. Friends had similar numbers.

After two days there and body check upon arrival home, I removed four embedded deer ticks. They are so small, they are nearly impossible to remove!  

I spoke with a Lake City woman at a yard sale. She stated she took 17 deer ticks off her son the same day!

Are we currently just at the "tip of the iceberg"?

On a sad/angry note, we could hear turkeys gobbling all around in the surrounding forests. At sunrise they were very active. We began hearing gunshots. By 8 a.m. there were no more turkey sounds.  

From what I understand, turkey and grouse are the tick's only natural predators. In the past, I have written to the Department of Natural Resources about this without a response back.

Wayne M. Jensen