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Letter: We'd do better to support leaders

To the Editor:

In the aftermath of the Boston bombing, the critics make their expected appearance with their pathetic commentary in regards to the performance of the Boston police, Massachusetts State Patrol, FBI and anyone else who chose to respond to the tragedy.

They are plentiful with representatives from the printed media, television, radio, politics and other nasty places where these types reside.

The fact is the conduct of these first responders, including their strategizing, was exemplary and worthy of admiration. It is ironic that the criticism rolls in from all around the country, except the citizenry of Boston and the surrounding area, who "owned" the tragedy and who suffered the most. They recognized that they were well served by the responders.

The conduct of the critics is not too surprising as they all have their own little world necessary to justify their jobs and existence. However, finding things to criticize was a Herculean job and as a result much of it was simply preposterous.

We have much work to do as a country if we are to nit-pick every action of our government looking for political fodder for the next election. There were two people who got through the "wall of protection" and we better get used to and be satisfied that our efforts were so effective in protecting this country and cities like Boston.

As obvious proof, I refer you to the fact that we have had no serious incident since 9/11. In this tragedy, three people lost their lives as compared with 3,000 in 9/11.

Every life is precious, but if we have the feeling that none will be lost to terrorists, we are in for a devastating decade. We need to exercise sound judgment and be realistic on the outcome and we need to better support our leaders from the cop the corner to our able president.