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Letter: Weather responds to the state's vote

To the Editor:

The recent letter from Pastor Stehr was right on (R-E, May 18), but it could be enhanced by the following:

By a majority vote, the Legislature and our governor have made a decision which allows the people involved to violate God's first command to couples. It was to be fruitful and multiply.

For the people who were rewarded with the recent decision, I suggest you try, but it will never work.

Ironically, the day this legislation finally succeeded was the hottest day in the history of weather recordings in Minnesota for that date.

I checked the map which shows the states that have taken the same course that Minnesota has, and it seems that that is the area recently visited with "Sandy." Maybe, just maybe, God does speak through the weather.

To add insult to injury, a national hardware dealer is marketing a door mat depicting the American flag.

Samuel MacKinney

Hager City