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Letter: We must broaden view of society

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to Dr. Farrar's recent letter (R-E, April 10). I agree that children listen to what adults are saying and that their lives will be shaped to some extent by what we decide is acceptable. I, too, think it is important that confusion about sexual identity and dating be minimized and resolved as they grow up.

It is also important that they know and understand that a small, but significant, percentage of people are born with a proclivity for attraction to persons of the same sex. Children must learn that this is natural and normal in a segment of our population and that those among them with this proclivity do not have a flaw of character or are sinful.  

It is the shame and denial associated with this that has led a few (many?) into ill-advised heterosexual marriages.

I find no good reason to withhold from them the full privileges and sanctity of marriage to persons of their choice, regardless of sexual orientation. It is only fair and will broaden our view of society.  It will not persuade a naturally heterosexual child to convert.

Donn Leaf

Red Wing