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Letter: We can't afford to ignore global warming

To the Editor:

Last week Obama announced his plan for confronting global warming, easily the most concerning problem facing this country. 

Few in Congress stood by his side in support of his initiative. Almost all of the Republicans voiced vigorous objections, not because the problem doesn't exist or that man is not the cause of it and therefore may and should be part of the solution, but, rather that the cure is too expensive and the country cannot afford it.

Cannot afford it! The alternative is wholesale and irreversible catastrophe and we cannot afford it.

These same scientists attribute, glacial melting, erratic weather patterns, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, massive crop loss, disappearance of fresh water sources across the world and many other dangerous weather patterns not normal in past decades to global warming. The oceans are expected to rise 4 feet in the next 50 years.

I am not a scientist or an expert on global warming, but I have heard those that are and they are saying clearly and distinctly that it is real and that it is manmade. The National Science Foundation has 2,000 members of which 1,980 subscribe to those two factors as being true.

The naysayers are akin to voices in the wilderness. They need to go to the back of the room, stick a sock in it and suck it up.

There is no need for further discussion or debate. That has taken place over the past 20 years and the verdict is in and compelling. They were simply not listening.

Can't afford it? We cannot afford not to.

Due to the total absence of cooperation from the Republicans, Obama will engage in presidential actions which he can do without Congress. It would be much more effective if they joined in a legislative agenda with him.

We were the ones who were principally responsible for soiling our nest and it is our job to clean it up. China and India may currently be the biggest industrial polluters, but we started over 150 years ago - as compared with 25 years for those two countries.

Richard W. Johnson