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Letter: We can learn from our area's rural school districts

To the Editor:

The people have spoken.

The majority said, “No!” Now is the time for the elected to meet with the majority, taxpaying “naysayers” on their turf, in person.

Come in ones and twos and listen to the hearts of the people. They are your unrepresented voters on fixed incomes, under or unemployed, people who are losing or who have lost their home in the recession that is still not over for them. You will find the largest group is rural folks with rural values who have not had a voice on the board for years. Come without your professional paid filters, to hear the voice of the people. (No 11-question form will be required in writing.)

Tour the rural sister schools of the area, Pepin, Plum City, Elmwood and Spring Valley. Learn how they have adjusted to the impact of economic challenges of our times and the evolution of technology in education. Ask how they have adapted their facilities, with some dating back to 1904, 1917 and 1927, two of which are three stories and in present-day classroom use.

Ask them how they solved their security concerns through keyed required entrances and one single point of access with a buzzer and observation cameras for $1,000. Ask them how they have managed quality education with outcomes equal or superior to the Ellsworth district. Ask them how they did the above without back-to-back property tax override referendums.

Go in person, you may be surprised how welcome and generous they are with their time. I did. I left with the impression they are in touch with their voters and their governing process reflects the spirit and the word of our unifying Constitutional Republic (representative form of) democratic government “of the people by the people and for the people.”

Nick Even

Bay City