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Letter: 'Wants' became 'needs' for ballot

To the Editor:

It troubles me that only after it was made known to the Ellsworth School Board and administration — that a member of the Concerned Citizen Group brought it to their attention — did they publicly disclose for the first time that the true and full cost of the proposed facilities bond is $45,000,000, and not the $29,450,000 they had chosen to use.

This is the same non-disclosure tactic (but later disclosed by the Concerned Citizen Group) they used in the two previous failed bond attempts.

It troubles me that this board/administration's governing process selectively withholds critical information that is necessary for the voters to make informed substantive, decisions on the issues. Such action is that of a self-appointed elite minority that is inconsistent with the letter or the intent of our Constitution. This is not representative democracy upon which our Constitution was founded.

Does their performance model what is being taught in the civics class? Is the board living up to the oath of office?

Thomas Jefferson was quoted as saying, "When the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their government." Would our district board/administration agree?

It troubles me that the Strategic Planning Committee was instructed to identify all desirable, future educational components for the district and were specifically instructed not to consider costs: That would be left to the Ad-hoc Facilities Committee. (Can you imagine shopping for a big-ticket item like a car or a house without considering cost?)

In the transfer between the two committees "wants” became “needs." The results are what are now before you, the public, for an up or down vote.

As is the case with an institution that is without transparency, clarity and parity there is no other option but to assume we are only seeing the "tip of an iceberg."

Please vote on Tuesday. It's core Americanism.

Nick Even

Bay City