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Letter: Wabasha County less than transparent

To the Editor:

There are numerous questions beginning to surface regarding the legitimacy and transparency surrounding the Wabasha County Government Study Commission. For instance:

• Why did Chairwoman Katie Himanga email commission members to inform them Judge Terrence Walters had granted a 90-day extension and now is unwilling to share the Judge's email with me (the public)?

• Why did the study commission continue to meet in January and March even though County Attorney Jim Nordstrom now asserts the 90-day extension was never granted by the judge?

• Why did Walters appoint Don Springer to the commission in January if he had not granted the 90-day extension for the study commission?

• If, in fact, the commission no longer exists, did county Commissioners Springer, Rich Hall and Mike Wobbe violate Open Meeting Law when they participated in a Jan. 22 study commission meeting?

• Is there a correlation between the legal motion that has been served to the court (pertaining to the Wabasha County Government Study Commission) and what appears as efforts to delude the public as to whether or not the commission is still functioning?

If the Government Study Commission's term expired in December, what is motivating them to still meet?

John Adams