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Letter: Veterans memorial is good move

“Have the veterans done their share?”

That was the question asked at a meeting discussing the financing of the new veterans’ memorial proposed to be placed on the front lawn of the Pierce County Courthouse in Ellsworth. 

The supervisor asking the question obliviously has no knowledge of the economic financial impact a veterans’ memorial does for a tax district. All the taxes collected through tourism visiting a memorial has a return of investment of less than five years.

But that isn’t the issue. “Have the veterans done their share?” I have mentioned that question to individuals of all ages, all had the same response. Trust me, it wasn’t positive. A 16-year-old, whose father served our country, responded with, “If it weren’t for those veterans, that question couldn’t be asked.”

Families “serve” with their sons, daughters, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers when they are in the service of our country. Families “live” every day with the loss of those who lost their life in the service of their country.

For the record, the answer to “Have the veterans done their share?” is yes.

Tony Huppert

Spring Valley