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Letter: Stop degradation, bullying at City Hall

To the Editor:

I commend Feb. 23 editorial.

After attending the City Council Feb. 25, I have had my eyes opened again. Three people spoke in the public hearing directly before the council's discussion regarding Mayor Egan's resignation. They called for his immediate dismissal, noting that April 1 was not soon enough. They expressed concern he might change his mind. They voiced concerns that the mayor would go to Washington, D.C., on a previously approved trip at the city's expense. They encouraged citizens to contact the county attorney and file criminal charges against Egan for failure to disclose information. They went on and on. It was disgusting to watch.

The council did confirm that the trip has been canceled and the mayor (without any disagreements) agreed he would not be attending. He's leaving his office and giving in to their earlier demands, but apparently that isn't good enough. It appears the left-leaning speakers and their supporters not only want Egan out of office but they want to destroy him.

The conservative voices of the area must speak out. We must find our backbone and stand up and speak our minds. It is just as much a right for the conservative thinker as it is for the liberal thinker. 

There must be room for both voices to be heard and respected. There is no room for degradation of character or for bullying. 

But conservative citizens need to wake up and speak up. If you are not a registered voter, get registered. If you are not volunteering to help make conservative changes in our government, get involved. Don't be a member of the silent citizens any longer. Find others of like mindedness and seek them out. Organize, learn and assemble. 

Contact your local Republican Party or tea party group. Red Wing has both. Write letters to the paper, send emails to City Council members, attend City Council meetings. Let them know you are paying attention and you will call attention to matters that you feel are wrong. Let them know there is another side to the multiple issues that are discussed at the meetings. 

Mary Kreidler

Red Wing