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Letter: Stone offers us common-sense priorities

To the Editor:

We are writing to publicly show our support for Ernie Stone, who is running for City Council member from Ward 4.

We know Ernie to be industrious, hard-working and sensible. He’s a man who will work hard at identifying a problem and then search out rational solutions.

We’ve seen him at work in different activities around Red Wing. He’s spent time volunteering at Memorial Park clearing the trails, organizing speech contests for Hiawatha Valley Toastmasters around the area, serving as an officer at Red Wing Sportsmen’s Club and attending City Council meetings to offer questions and opinions on city matters.

He knows how to pitch in and get his hands dirty while making things happen!

With these attributes and experiences we feel he can truly make a difference for the betterment of Red Wing. His views on common-sense spending will help him prioritize any new projects for the city while keeping in mind that taxpayers enjoy keeping their paychecks.

He feels strongly that we as citizens deserve honesty and crystal clear actions on the part of City Council. Pay scales of government officials should be public and all city expenditures should be understandable and easily accessible.

Ernie cares about our future here in Red Wing and will work hard to listen to your concerns and follow through with amazing gusto. You can count on him to make reality based decisions and be a servant of the people.

Vote Ernie Stone for Ward 4 City Council member.

Chris and Mary Kreidler

Red Wing