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Letter: Start an 18-month prayer riot

To the Editor:

How can Christians cause the greatest outcry against what has happened here in Minnesota? What about a prayer riot?

I was inspired by the riots that broke out in France after lawmakers approved unnatural marriage there. The media did not report it. A friend from Moscow sent me a link to what President Putin said after he heard of the French government's decision. He was letting France and other countries know that Russia may be changing its policy on allowing adoptions to France and other countries in the West who allow unnatural marriages. "We respect our partners, but ask that they will respect the cultural traditions and ethical, legal and moral norms of Russia."

I wish that our governor and president had as much respect for our cultural traditions, and ethical, legal and moral norms concerning marriage.

Here in America, the media did not report the Russian reaction at all. Little is reported in the media that might cast a shadow on the gay/lesbian movement.

I would encourage all Christians who were not heard or represented in the vote to legalized unnatural marriage to pray that those 73 representatives and those 37 senators and Gov. Mark Dayton will not be re-elected. If the elections in November 2014 would clearly reflect the outrage that so many Minnesotans feel, perhaps we could encourage more respect for cultural traditions, and ethical, legal and moral norms.

If we could send a clear message -- not to any political party, but to all legislators and governors -- that we want to be heard and represented, perhaps such an injustice would not occur again.

We have 18 months to ask the Lord to put in place legislators and a governor who will not ignore, insult, contradict and correct our God as happened recently in the vote and signing of the bill to legalize unnatural marriage.

Will you join me in praying? Our prayers will have great power and God, at least, will hear our voices. A peaceful riot will occur around our state.

Ron Stehr

Red Wing