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Letter: Service clubs enrich lives ... and tastebuds

To the Editor:

Service clubs are an important part of every community because they're always trying to make things better. Organized volunteers do so many things for Red Wing that we need to remind ourselves that flower baskets just don't happen and that all fourth-graders don't always get free dictionaries.

Please also remember that without participation in fund raising events, our service clubs couldn't do anything and there wouldn't be anything to do.

The Phantom Car Show downtown on Father's Day and the Lions Club "Ribs & Bibs" at Colvill Park, a week later, are two great examples of doing something interesting and having something interesting to do. Five years ago, nobody even heard of a Rib Bib, but, now it's a symbol of a neighborly celebration in a beautiful place (Colvill Park) with a great menu (Barbecued Ribs with all the trimmings) and live entertainment (BYOB and local bands all day long) under a big tent. There's take-out and delivery and ice cream and root beer floats, but mostly there's just plain old fun.

I believe that sometimes you just need to disconnect a little in order to reconnect with your family and friends. Community events are a great place to do just that; and, if the proceeds buy a needy kid a pair of free eyeglasses, then I think that we all can see what is so good about living in a caring community.

Community events are open to everybody but this is a special invitation to "Ribs & Bibs." You just have to remember: "Don't feed the Lions ... Let the Lions feed you!"

See you there,

Lion Paul Drotos

Red Wing