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Letter: Sand mining still scary

To the Editor:

I went to a League of Women Voters sponsored forum on frac sand mining Thursday night. I hoped for a little hearty debate on the pros and cons of the procedure. All the folks there seemed to be on the side of banning it and be done.

I've kept hoping this past two years to find a “pro” frac sand representative to ease my concerns about the frac sand mining. I've found two that I can think of — one a farmer who was about to lose his farm to the bank if he couldn't sell a portion to the frac mining company. The other is a friend of mine who considers it "idiotic" to be against it.

These two advocates have done nothing to ease my particular anxiety about the contamination of water. That portion of what I've heard on the subject the past two years scares the living daylights out of me.

Emily Burt