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Letter: Sachen strives to improve future

To the Editor:

Not many 18-year-olds would be able to say they have always had positive relationships with their fathers. I consider myself very blessed to have John Sachen as a dad.

Throughout my childhood he has demonstrated countless qualities that I believe would make him a good candidate for City Council. Since the day I was born, my dad has been involved with every aspect of my life, helping me with school work, teaching me how to throw a football like a boy, coaching middle school basketball (even though he grew up playing hockey), and motivating me to be the best that I can be.

He has worked hard to make my life, and my brother Zach's, full of opportunities, security, and joy. Now he is striving to make our futures even better. I can guarantee he will do the same for the future of our city.

A vote for John Sachen is a vote for a stronger community for you and your children. Having just turned 18, this election will be my first time voting. I consider it an honor to be able to vote for my dad.

Mallory Sachen

Red Wing