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Letter: Sachen ready to work for the community

To the Editor:

Red Wing is fortunate to have six candidates vying for the mayor position. I extend a thank you to each of them for wanting to get involved.

Having served in various positions including council member and mayor of Lake City for 30 years, I can attest to the importance of your upcoming election and getting the right candidate to represent your city in a positive and meaningful way. Having worked with John Sachen at Hearth & Home Industries, I can assure you he will provide the leadership that is required and definitely will work as a team member with the council.

As a co-worker, he demonstrated strong management skills and excellent people skills. John would serve the Red Wing community as its ambassador with integrity and respect.

While the mayor's position in a nonvoting one, John will bring a wealth of knowledge, new ideals and common sense to the table when sharing different perspectives with the council members. John is a sincere individual who wants to be able to serve the best interest of the overall community and in a way that you can be proud of. You can count on him as a pro-active and not a re-active leader.

I encourage you to contact John if you have questions. He has always been available and someone you could approach and not feel intimidated by. He truly deserves the opportunity to work for you and represent the Red Wing community.

With not having a primary election and not being part of a general state/federal election, I cannot begin to stress the importance that you encourage your friends and neighbors to get out and vote June 11.?Having six candidates running with what could be a typical low voter turnout you could possibly have someone take office without obtaining a majority.

You have the opportunity to elect an individual ready to accept the responsibility and make the time commitment that goes with this position and doing so with a high level of respect for those he serves. Vote for John Sachen June 11.

Jerry M. Dunbar

Lake City