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Letter: Sachen has proven he can lead

To the Editor:

I would encourage the citizens of Red Wing to vote for John Sachen to be their City Council representative. John, unlike his opponent, has shown he is a leader. He organized the residents of Mt. Caramel in their successful fight against the city buying a farm to spread bio-solids.

Hove claims to be a leader. In his seven-plus years, he has not shown it. He has been council vice president for three terms, never having won the other council members support to be the president for two of the three terms.

Hove has in his materials. "I can help you fight city hall and win."

He doesn't seem to realize he is in charge of City Hall. If he would do the right thing, he wouldn't need to help but would be a responsible leader and enact measures that needn't be fought. If a decision is made with thought, even if it appears to be unpopular, a leader would stick to the decision and explain the basis for it.

It is definitely time for a change. Vote for John Sachen.

Craig R. Weber

Red Wing