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Letter: RWHS recycles numerous items

To the Editor:

A letter appeared in the Wednesday Republican Eagle titled "High school should be recycling."

Red Wing High School has been recycling for all 15 years of the building's existence. Currently RWHS recycles well in excess of 50 percent of materials brought into the building, including paper, plastic, aluminum and tin.

In addition, once every three weeks we recycle 20 yards of cardboard. The school also recycles all electronics when they need to be replaced.

As a precaution against mold and pests, and as a component of the School Board-approved indoor air quality policy, food and beverage other than water is not allowed in classrooms.

Blue recycle bins are available throughout the building for water bottles and paper. Each classroom has a recycle bin for paper.

Beth Borgen, principal

Kevin Johnson,

director of buildings and grounds

Al Harteneck,

head custodian