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Letter: Renaming won't change history

To the Editor:

When a city’s officials are reduced to digging for issues to spend time and taxpayers’ money on, it is unfortunate indeed. Such is the thought that came to me when reading that the Red Wing City Council is spending time lately discussing changing the name of Columbus Day to First Peoples Day.

Is there any reason for even talking about this? Why are we not wanting to remember who came here looking for refuge from errant government? Why do we consider forgetting our past?

Or is this just part of the agenda of some to rewrite history?

Is history so trivial that we can simply rename things pretending they were different than truth tells us they were? Are people who shaped our past simply to be dropped from the pages of history? Ought we to willy-nilly write what we decide looks and or sounds better to our way of thinking?

One questions what these individuals consider their responsibility in office. Is this really in service to the community you choose to serve or is it abuse in your situation as a servant of said community? If one does not like what has happened in history, does altering who is remembered for it change a situation?

“Liberty is not the power of doing what we like but the right to do what we ought” Lord Acton said.

That includes not doing something simply because we can with no reason other than that we can.

Catherine Huisman

Red Wing