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Letter: Red Wing is a grand place to call home

To the Editor:

Playgrounds, parks and many organizations abound for our children. We have multiple service organizations and educational opportunities for our younger adults.

Now, for our senior population, we have the chance to expand the senior center in order to provide stronger programs that will be even more appealing and accessible to all. Compared to their peers, senior center participants seem to have higher levels of health, social interaction and life satisfaction.

I experienced seeing the successful synergy of the senior programming in our sister city Quzhou, China. It brought to light how we as a society, need to do a better job engaging our seniors in as many activities as possible. Music, dancing and language lessons along with tai chi, painting, handiwork and computer lessons are just some examples of stretching the mind and body.

The new location will change with the generations by offering a diverse mix of activities. These activities will appeal to younger and older seniors, men and women. Education, travel, recreation, and possible additional hours of evening and weekend programming are inviting to seniors who may still be employed past the traditional retirement age.

The new location adjacent to the Pottery will prove to be a welcoming atmosphere with a comfortable greeting area for all to sit and visit with each other.

I certainly do endorse a newer, stronger and more exciting place for our baby boomers and present seniors to come for fun and social interaction.

Donna Dummer

Red Wing